Parish Council

The parish council meets monthly, usually on the first Monday in the month. Meetings are held in the village hall and start at 7.30 pm.

All parishioners are most welcome to attend, however all meetings have to be formally conducted; if you wish to raise a point or speak at a meeting it will be necessary to notify the Clerk before the meeting  (contact details below).

Agenda and minutes of meetings are posted on  and the notice boards at the shop, Icy Park and Bridge End and in the Fisherman’s Rest.

Every year in May the parish holds its Annual Meetings. The Annual Meeting of the Council is a shortened parish council meeting with a reduced agenda for business; this is the meeting at which all councillors are elected to the statutory positions for the year, ie. Chair, Vice Chair and sub-committees, and the representatives for tree warden, village hall, Parish Paths Partnership and digital communication representatives are also confirmed. After this the Annual Parish Meeting follows. It is not a parish council meeting, although for convenience it is chaired by the PC chairman; every organisation within the parish, for example the cricket club, allotment holders, The Taverners, the WI, the village hall and project group, also the school, the Hive, St Andrew’s PCC and representatives of public bodies like the police can give their report to the public on the year’s events. The meeting, like all the parish council meetings throughout the year, is open to all parishioners, and is their chance to find out more about what goes on in the parish.


Parish Council Finances.

The Government has recently introduced a requirement for smaller parish councils to have their information available online (the Transparency Code) ; AGPC already publishes its agendas, minutes, councillor details etc via this community website. There are stipulations that some smaller councils should also publish their financial statements, but this does not apply to Aveton Gifford as our annual turnover is greater than the threshold. Our accounts are however available to view through our parish clerk by appointment. Instead of publishing our monthly expenditure our annual figures are subject to external audit;

Parish Council Audit – Annual Return Certificate year ending 30.03.16


The Aveton Gifford Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan Project Group have set up a dedicated set of pages on this website to keep all parishioners fully informed about our Plan, and up to date with the latest progress. You can find them on the drop down menu at the top of this page, or follow these links below;

About our Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan area – with map of the parish

Progress and Community Involvement

Housing Needs Survey

Further Information

Contact the NP Group with your comments and suggestions




Councillor Contact Details
 JOHN YEABSLEY                                             CHAIRMAN                                                             3, Taverners Cottages,                                            Fore St, TQ7  4JD                   Tel:  01548 559324                           Email
5, Avon Valley Cottages,                                       TQ7 4LE
Tel: 01548 550792
Mob: 07773 148152
SUSAN CHERRY                                                 46, Icy Park                                                            TQ7  4LQ Tel; 01548 550631, Email;
Homefield Mill,                                                      TQ7  4LF
Tel: 01548 550 582
Mob: 07989697740
 SARAH HARCUS                    
VICE CHAIR                                                    Rock Hill House,                                                   Fore St,                                                                     TQ7  4JX
Tel: 01548 550125
Mob: 07814 076414
 PETER SMITH                                        Matford,                                                                  Fore St,                                                                     TQ7 4JH  Tel: 01548 550272                                      Mob:  07805656890                                                                 Email:
IAN STAINTON                                               Little Orchard,                                                      TQ7  4NT Tel; 01548  550810                             Mob; 07968  822114 Email;


PIPPA UNWIN                                                       1, Beaumont Cottages                                          Fore St,                                                                    TQ7  4UX Tel; 01548 559234                   Mob;07811 489230 Email;
4, Icy Park,                                                                 TQ7  4LQ
Tel: 01548 559062                                     Mob: 07779 290653
PETER JAVES –                                       PARISH CLERK
22, Glebe Land,                                                        TQ7 4LX
Tel: 01548 559283
Mob: 07719 581497