Neighbourhood Plan: Home

Neighbourhood Plan: Home

What is the Neighbourhood Plan, and why do we need one?

The Localism Act passed in 2011 brought in the right for local communities, through their town and parish councils, to shape their future development by preparing their own Neighbourhood Plans. Many of us will remember the full parish survey just 5 years ago for the Parish Plan or Appraisal which could also influence local decisions that were taken by our Parish and District Council, but this Neighbourhood Plan will have much greater importance in decision-making for our parish, and shaping how this area is developed in the next 15 years. It is a Government initiative, and is the opportunity for you, the parishioners, to have your say in what you would like to see in terms of development, sustainability and conservation. We are looking forward here so that future generations can have the best we can offer them.

It isn’t essential that we have a Plan, but without one we would have no voice in future planning decisions. It is a community-led process, drawn up by consultation with all groups, organisations and people in the parish, and it must reflect the wishes of our residents for future development of the whole parish. We are hoping for interest and suggestions from everyone here, young and old, regarding not just housing, but also other vital considerations including education, recreation, employment, communications, transport, sustainability and environmental issues for example.

The Steering Group must be made up of several parish councillors and at least as many interested community members. We will be given financial support from South Hams DC and advice from the District Council Planning Officer, and we will be working with neighbouring parishes to share ideas and discuss projects.

There are two formal consultation phases and then an independent examination of our Plan. These conditions are to ensure that they are legally watertight and that they take account of wider policy considerations (e.g. national policy). Once it has been approved it will be put to a referendum in the community; these Neighbourhood Development Plans will only take effect if there is a majority of support.


Progress so far

  • We have set up these web pages to inform and involve you all in our Plan, and to keep you up to date with our progress.
  • We have identified and registered the land within the parish boundary as our ‘neighbourhood’ ; our neighbourhood plan area.
  • We now have a ‘Steering Group’, which consists of Sarah Harcus, David Davis-Berry and Peter Smith from the Parish Council, and Jim Fowler, Maggie Sharp, Jenny Reynolds, Pete Wade, Helena Darbyshire, Ian Darbyshire, Zoe Woodham . Contact details for our parish and district councillors can be found on the parish council page
  • We have applied for funding towards necessary expenses.
  • The first public consultation held in the hall on February 20th was very well attended, and gathered a huge response with many suggestions for all the topics.  Results have been analysed and published Summary of results.
  • Information about the plan and its progress has been shared with parishioners in the mAGpie and through the community website and Facebook pages. There is a commitment to keep you all informed, and to give you an opportunity for involvement at every stage of the procedure.
  • The land and housing needs survey has been conducted, and the results analysed and published housing needs survey results and following on from this, a second public consultation was held in the village hall in April 2017. Results  from this second consultation have now been published.
  • Further sub-groups have been formed to draw up more in-depth details for specific parts of the Plan, including , Ecology and Conservation, Traffic and Transport.
  • The first version of the Draft Plan has now been drawn up for informal consultation, and all parishioners are invited to look through it and offer suggestions, comments and feedback;       Aveton Gifford Neighbourhood Plan to 2030 – DRAFT v1          You can respond to this Draft Plan by either using the comments box at the bottom of each page on this website, or in person to Sarah Harcus or David Davis Berry.

It isn’t too late yet to make any further suggestions as the process progresses. It’s important that this is something that involves all our parishioners, and all your contributions are needed and valued right the way through the process, so please do contact a member of the group, or alternatively you can add your ideas here on the website –    further suggestions still welcome      and they will automatically be forwarded to the Steering Group.



dsc_0013-2Latest news

October 2017

The results from October’s Housing Needs Survey (2016) and the second Public Consultation have both been fully analysed, and can be seen on the housing needs and progress pages.

Several smaller working groups have been set up to investigate issues such as traffic, ecology, future planning, heritage. Draft policies have now been drawn up for all of these, and the committee has been busy coordinating all of them into the first version of the Draft Plan to be put to the community for further consideration. This is also ready to be submitted to the planning department for informal comments. This will be invaluable in making sure that there aren’t any glaring errors or issues that may have been missed, and to make sure that our plan will be on the right lines when it is finally submitted for its official audit.








Timetable for progress

Task Timescale
First Public Consultation This was held on February 20th 2016
Summarise findings from  first Consultation Now complete     Summary of results.
Housing Needs Survey Distributed to all households in their copies of mAGpie, and further copies available online/in the shop
All questionnaires were returned by 30th October 2016. – extended into November
2nd Public Consultation after analysis of survey April 2017
Analysis of results from 2nd Consultation May/June 2017
Publication of results from 2nd Consultation August 2017
First test draft of Neighbourhood Plan to be presented to parishioners and planners for informal comment October 2017
Draft Plan submitted to Local Planning Authority for formal consideration, adjustments, November 2017
 Vision Statement, To be presented  2017
Several drafts if needed until the final draft is agreed
3rd Public Consultation on proposed final draft To be held  2018 date to be finalised
Analysis of results
There must be a consultation period for the final Draft Plan for a minimum of 6 weeks to review and make final changes.
Submit the final Plan to the Local Authority for independent examination
Referendum on final Plan We aim to hold this in the early part of 2018
Publish Plan Our final target is to have the Plan accepted, ready to publish, and adopted by the LPA in the Spring/early Summer of 2018


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