Surveys and Consultations

Surveys and Consultations

Housing and Land Development Survey


The survey was delivered to all households in the parish with the October issue of mAGpie, with an envelope for its return. For households outside the immediate village this envelope was stamped as well in order to facilitate its return. Initially the forms were to be returned by October 30th, but in the event the date was extended by another month.

To ensure that all householders did get the survey, additional copies were also available in the shop and the pub to cover any loss or households inadvertently missed in the delivery. It was also made available online.

The questionnaire could be completed in two ways – on the paper form provided, or online with the use of SurveyMonkey. This was automatically forwarded to the Neighbourhood Plan group for analysis.

You may download the survey form that was sent out to all households with its accompanying letter here;




All the returned questionnaires were painstakingly analysed, with grateful thanks to Ian Darbyshire, and a summary of the findings can be viewed here;

housing needs survey results


This enabled the results to be analysed in time for the Group to work
on the topics for  the further public consultation in a second Community Forum in April 2017.


Results of Second Consultation

In previous months, owners of possible sites for development had been encouraged to submit their suggestions to the parish council, and eventually twenty two possible sites within and around the edges of the village had been identified. The owners were formally contacted, and those who wished to put forward their sites had submitted them for an independent assessment by an approved consultant.

Twelve sites were assessed, and two were then withdrawn from further consideration. The remaining ten were submitted for comment at the two open days;     Sites for consideration

The second consultation was held over two days and enabled as many people to participate as possible. The comments were all recorded and analysed, and the results can be seen below;

SECOND CONSULTATION – overview and comments

Site 1 – land beside Little Court




Site 5 – between COURT BARTON and Pulleys Close

Site 6 – field behind TRENDWELL HOUSE

Site 7 – land to the east of THE HIVE

Site 8 – field above St Andrew’s


Site 12 – SHDC land below ICY PARK

It isn’t too late to have your say !

The Draft Plan version 1

This has now been drawn up, and all parishioners are invited to read through it and submit your comments on anything that it contains – in that way the final Draft Plan will accurately reflect your views. There will be another public consultation for the final draft to be approved by the parish

Aveton Gifford Neighbourhood Plan to 2030 – DRAFT v1

Any feedback, comments, or suggestions are invited by the NP group at any time right the way through the process, so please DO use this link here to contact the group, or talk to one of the members – without your involvement the Plan will not reflect local issues and concerns, so please don’t think it’s too late!


glebelands     bakers-terrace      bakers-terrace-2

The photos on this page of building in the village – the greenfield site at Glebeland, and Bakers Terrace within the village – have come from the Parish Project photographic archive.