Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 22nd April

There is now a new start date for the sewerage works due to happen on the village green. The work will now start during the first week of May and a lot of disruption is expected to the use of our green space.The work will start by fencing being erected to stop conflict between pedestrians and these essential works. The kiddies play park will be closed for most of the summer but the play park at Icy  Park is being renovated and will be available to be used.                        

The Aune Valley Conservation Association will be holding a Tidal Road litter pick on Sunday May 16th  between 3-4pm.when the tides will be suitable  for this valuable activity. The gathering points will be in Timbers or Milburn Orchard car parks. Due to Covid it’s recomemnded that all volunteers bring their own gloves and sacks for the rubbish, and of course, social distancing measures must be observed. It’s quite amazing and disturbing what you can find down the river in the way of rubbish, bits of old boats, carpets and of course the ever present nuisance of various plastics, so dangerous to our prescious wildlife. It’s a very worthwhile thing to do, here’s hoping for lots of volunteers! It would be nice though if folk would stop chucking things out of car windows, the mess around our parish especially the bypass is horrendous, please Keep Britain Tidy and take your rubbish home.                                                                                 

It seems that during the lovely weather that people have been going out into their gardens doing a bit of clearing up and lighting bonfires to get rid of the rubbish…. Ok, but it can lead to conflict with the neighbours and this is a polite notice really to consider other peoples needs and perhaps warn your nearest neighbours of your plan to light up, as some folk do have washing out  and are of course sitting in their outide space too!!. The other thing to do would be to place the garden waste in the green bins provided, these will be retained during the re modeling of the refuse collecting services. 

The Parish Council heard last week of several disturbing instances during which ball bearing like metal balls were being fired near the tennis courts and surrounding properties. These are quite large enough to cause serious injury if someone is struck by them. There have been several instances since February and property has been damaged, but by pure luck only, no one has been injured. The Police have been informed and there is a crime reference number CR/026273/21 to quote  if anyone has any information, please help to stop this before there is an injury to someone.                                             

St Andrews church will have a Holy Communion service with Rev Matt Rowland this Sunday starting at 11am, all are welcome to attend, socially distanced of course.       

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