Village Voice by Rosie Warrillow, 9th December

The Parish Council met last week in the village hall. Attendance was very low and both the county and district councillors were not present, preventing discussions on many important subjects. The local councillors heard that the precept meeting will take place next month, to discuss the forthcoming financial requirements for the next financial year. The Parish has a number of commitments to meet including the ongoing refurbishment of the village green and not least, how to deal with the crisis in our local ash trees due to the dread dieback disease. This tragic future loss of trees due to the disease is terrible of course but it’s going to be quite a financial burden due to the costs involved too. The community pool has had some routine maintenance work done recently and more will be undertaken during the winter closure. The village green project is now finished and some grass seed has been sown and is starting to show willing with some green beginning to show through. The fencing is still up to protect the young grass from damage. The possibility of having electronic traffic advice signs was discussed, but where to place them remains an issue as concerns were raised about disturbance to residents. Recently speeding traffic has been a real problem through the village, and indeed on the bypass, please slow down when entering or leaving our community, there are many road users including families on bikes, and walkers. There were no reports from the shop committee and Parish Paths report will be included in the minutes.             

Our Christmas tree is now well illuminated and the Christmas season is now underway in our community. The children and villagers paraded down Fore Street with lanterns and singing carols as they walked. The Old Gaffers Shanty Crew were singing a festive medley outside the Fishermans Rest, and great fun was had by everyone. Sadly the children’s workshop had to be canceled due to people having to isolate for covid.  Local hero John Foale was in Kingsbridge for their Christmas celebrations with his tractor, raising funds for the wonderful Air Ambulance charity, congratulations John and the tractor team for the wonderful work done so far!                                                                

Local wildlife artist John Ashton has some of his work on display at Harbour House, his pictures of the wildlife on the river are truly wonderful, an ideal way to pass an afternoon or two.                         

The shop is still running its draw for a luxury hamper, all you have to do is spend £10 for an automatic entry, the draw will take place on December 22nd.                                                                                     

St Andrews will have a Holy Communion service this Sunday at the usual time of 11am, all are welcome and refreshments are available after the service. There will be no Christmas Eve service this year but there will be a Christmas Morning family service starting at 11am

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