2020 Community shop AGM – all reports now online here

Because of the limitations now imposed by the pandemic, the shop committee is no longer able to hold the annual open meeting for all parishioners to attend. The shop is our community shop, and belongs to us all, so it’s important that we are all kept up to date with its progress, and also to give support to Jas, Sukh and Kathleen, and to the shop committee – all of them have worked really hard to keep the shop and also the post office counter open for us, both after the tragic circumstances when Jas and Sukh took over the lease, and then during the really difficult conditions they had to cope with during Lock Down and these months afterwards. Thank you all very much indeed to you all.

These following reports would all have been presented to everyone at this year’s AGM;

Because any public meeting for the shop has had to be deferred for the trime being to comply with Covid-19 restrictions, the committee will have to conduct the business relating to the AGM by other means, but it does mean that interested parishioners may not get the chance to ask questions or put forward suggestions, and also to show their support for all the hard work done by the committee on our behalf. For this reason, the committee invites you all to have a look at these reports and the minutes from last year, and to submit any questions or comments through to the shop committee using this email address;

AGVSA shop committee; treecorner@outlook.com

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