A dog poo plea



2 people in the last 24 hours have asked for a posting on this page about dog mess. One parent is finding that Fore Street can be a problem for unwary pedestrians, and it’s particularly unpleasant when children or toddlers get it all over their shoes. And Dinah has had two revolting messes to clear up in the same day this week from the shop garden; in one case it was trodden in to the shop itself, and the other was an un-cleared-up dog poo right beside the picnic table. The health hazards of dog faeces are well publicised now, and none of these things ought to be happening. Both of them have asked for another request to owners to pick up after their dogs.

90% of our dog owners seem to be really conscientious and do clear up after their dog has done it’s thing, but it is the other small minority of owners who don’t. But surely there is no excuse now – there are rubbish bins all round the village, and SHDC recommends that dog waste bags are thrown away into the ordinary bins too (they are phasing out the special dog bins now, and emptying the ordinary ones more regularly). Emergency bags can be found in 3 places on the green and Rectory Lawns, and waste bags are also sold in the village shop.

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