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Metamorphosis of the ACA into the ARC

Report from Stuart Watts Chair ACA

As background, I am standing down as ACA Chairman by the end of 2023 after about 18 years in that role. Ros Brousson is in a similar position regarding her role as Secretary and Treasurer. However, nobody from the membership has volunteered to take over in any of these roles. Therefore, the ACA has reached a crossroad in its existence! This has all come at a time of rapid change in the external environment in which public awareness of the importance of water quality and associated biodiversity have risen enormously.

In order to capitalise on the knowledge and contacts built up over the 40 or so years for which the ACA has been in existence and avoid the waste involved in the organisation’s dissolution, I am setting in train some important changes. These changes were sanctioned unanimously at an ACA Committee meeting on 21st September at which Louise Wainwright of Avon River Champions ( was co-opted on to the committee. Subsequently, the changes were agreed by the wider ACA membership at a well-attended Extraordinary General Meeting on 26th October – in accord with our Governing Document.

The changes will involve:-

  1. a name change from Aune Conservation Association (ACA) to Avon River Champions, or ARC – our objectives are identical but ARC is a sub-group of the broader South Devon River Champions coalition (CLEAN RIVERS – THRIVING WILDLIFE – SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES)
  2. the use of existing monies in the two ACA bank accounts to support the newly- branded ARC.

Several other actions will follow automatically:-

  • the dissolution of the ACA committee and the formation of a new ARC Steering Group – Ros and I have both agreed to help with the transition
  • the incorporation of most of the information and research content on the ACA website onto the ARC website
  • a transfer of ACA participation in the SeaMoor Lottery to ARC
  • preservation of the current tax exempt, charitable status of the ACA along with the name change to ARC
  • an invitation to current ACA members to participate in the activities of the ARC
  • a change of logo to the image shown

Louise has already undertaken the energetic development of a network of River Guardians to conduct and coordinate the monitoring of water quality throughout the Devon Avon and to collaborate with similar programmes on other South Devon rivers. I wish them all well and shall do whatever I can to help. I anticipate that Louise will represent the ARC at the Avon Estuary Forum and I plan to maintain my own interest.

With best wishes for the future.

Editors note: mAGpie offers its sincere thanks to Stuart & Ros for all the work that they have put in over all the preceding years to try and protect the wonderful amenity that we all share.

Recent ARC Activities

For information on South Devon River Champions – aims, origins, catchment groups, river campaigns and specialist teams and activities – go to

In relation to the Avon, for information on the work of River Guardians, issues, participation in events and training, or to sign up to a regular e-newsletter go to

A copy of a recent report from Louise can be found below;

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