AG Sports and Leisure AGM – Thursday 12th February 7.30 pm

This will be held at the Fisherman’s Rest at 7.30 pm, and is open to all residents from the parish – everyone is welcome!

Come and have a say about events and activities you would like to see in the village,  or perhaps you would like to volunteer some help with any of these.


  1. Introductions and apologies
  2. Election of chair, treasurer, secretary and committee
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. Treasurer’s report and adoption of accounts for 2014
  5. Tennis court resurfacing and tennis club
  6. Programme for 2015
  7. Fireworks November 2015
  8. Table tennis Wednesdays
  9. General discussion and any other business

ACCOUNTS –          AGSLA Accounts for 2014-15


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