AGM, Village Shop and Post Office, 27th June, 7.30.

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of the AGVSA will take place on Thursday 27 June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Anyone can attend the Annual General Meeting of the Village Shop Association (AGVSA) and it would be fantastic for Parish residents to support the voluntary committee that oversees it.
The Management Committee of the AGVSA will be seeking to update the legal structure of the organisation at the meeting to bring it in line with similar organisatons. The AGVSA is responsible for maintaining the fabric of the building, maintaining a relationship with the tenant shopkeeper, and engaging with its shareholders – which includes roughly 480 people. We would love you to hear what we’ve been doing over the past year and what we’ve got planned for the forthcoming one, but we’d also appreciate the chance to listen to your thoughts and ideas for the Shop.


  1. Minutes of the last AGM held 15 June 2023
  2. Reports from the Chair and the Treasurer – a copy of the Association’s 2023 accounts with notes is available on the Village website with a paper copy on the
    AGVSA notice board in the Shop (by door)
  3. Motion to apply to become a CBS
  4. Election of Management Committee members
  5. Any Other Business.

Apart from the usual items on the AGM agenda, you will see from Item 3 that the Management Committee is asking shareholders for their agreement to allow it to apply to change the AGVSA to a more modern Community Benefit Society instead of its current Industrial Provident Society (IPS) structure.
We will do this with the assistance of experts from The Plunkett Foundation, who will ensure that any alterations required to their standard set of model rules are made to match our village shop’s set-up and circumstances.

Why the proposed changes are important
Changing to a CBS would have several benefits, with one of the most important being an ability to access certain grants and fundraising opportunities that an IPS is unable to.
Another huge advantage of becoming a CBS would be the simultaneous update of AGVSA’s Model Rules, which dictate how the organisation should be run, and how it should nurture its relationships with the shop tenant and its shareholders.
It would also bring us into line with newer regulations, such as the data protection-related GDPR.
The AGVSA has recently rejoined The Plunkett Foundation, a widely respected national organisation [] that specialises in assisting community organisations like ours. This means we will be fully supported through the entire process should shareholders vote in favour.

What we need from you
These changes must be put before shareholders at a General Meeting, which requires a minimum percentage of shareholders present (quorum) to make a decision valid. It is therefore very important that as many residents and shareholders as possible attend the AGM. Being present at the AGM allows you to ask any questions of the Committee about the proposed changes, and to place your vote in person on this important matter.

And if you can’t be there…
Even if you are not able to attend the meeting, you can vote using a proxy voting form, which allows you to submit your vote without being present. You can find a downloadable proxy form and its instructions at the bottom of this letter .
If you need to use the proxy voting form please complete it (with signature) and send a scanned or clear, photographed copy to

Alternatively, please place your signed paper copy in either the collection box in the Village Shop or the black letterbox on the wall to the left of the entrance door of the Village Hall. In each case this should be done before 3pm on Wednesday 26 June 2024.
You can also email to nominate someone you know who is sure to attend to act as your proxy. Please email using the subject line ‘Proxy Vote Nomination’, including the name of the individual you wish to vote on your behalf at the meeting. Again please meet the Wednesday deadline.
As a final alternative, there will be a number of proxy voting forms in the Village Shop that you can use to tell us your voting wishes or who you nominate to vote on your behalf.

Communicating with our shareholders.
We have a lot of members and they are quite widely scattered. We are working hard to build up efficient, economic communication channels. We will use email, mAGpie, the Village website and (within the Parish) hand delivery for those who do not have email; when something is important, we will use the Kingsbridge Gazette Public Notices section.

If you need to let us know changes to your contact details (ie your preferred email address or postal address) please let us know by either emailing the address below, or dropping a note that is marked for the attention of the AGVSA Secretary into the Village Shop .

If at any stage you wish to cease to be a member of AGVSA please let us know using the same method of contact as in the previous paragraph. Please note that, according to the company’s rules, shares are neither withdrawable nor transferable and carry no right to interest, dividend nor bonus and are forfeited and cancelled on cessation of membership from whatever
The email address for contact with the AGVSA Management Committee is …

Join the Management Committee
The AGVSA is responsible for maintaining the fabric of the building, satisfying various operational requirements and maintaining a relationship with the tenant shopkeeper, as well as engaging with its shareholders – which includes roughly 400 people.
The Management Committee is comprised of volunteers who put a lot of effort into these administrative aspects of maintaining the Shop, so please come along and show your support.
And if you would like to join the Management Committee to help oversee the future of the Shop, please tell us when you attend the AGM, or contact us on the abovementioned email address.

Please find below our blank proxy form, and the financial statement and accompanying notes for this year, and last year’s AGM minutes, which can all be downloaded.

Thank you.
AGVSA Management Committee

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