Allotment Association

The allotment field is at the top of the hill between Rock Hill and Bakers Hill, overlooking the village.

There may be plots vacant if anyone is interested in growing their own, so please do enquire. They are of various sizes, depending on your needs and how much time you have to spare. At the time of writing there are plots available; there is a reasonable turnover as people move away or new residents move to the parish, so it’s always worth asking.  The allotment holders welcome all new members, and no previous experience or knowledge is required, as help and advice is always at hand.

The allotment field has now been purchased for the village with the help of grants and financial backing from the parish council, so the plots have been secured for village use. One small shed is permitted per plot, so members can store tools and other garden equipment. A bore hole has been sunk to supply fresh water, the plots have all matured in recent years and are productive and attractive, and the next project under consideration is to turn the vacant land at the top of the field into a proper “wildlife” garden. Suggestions are welcome and so too are volunteers to help with the initial cutting back and ongoing maintenance. (Please contact Jackie if you could help at all, or have ideas for the garden.)

The allotments have now become an important part of community life; social events are arranged, and all new members are welcome whether single or families. Many allotment holders enter the annual village show, and surplus vegetables and flowers can often be found  for sale in the village, or through donations to the shop.

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