Another scam- Govt backed scheme for carbon monoxide detectors.

An elderly person here has been the victim of another scam – this time a phone call from somebody working for a so-called government backed scheme. The scammer managed to get payment for a carbon-monoxide detector with a card payment over the phone. Luckily the bank picked it up and stopped the transaction going through, but the family only became aware of the scamming when a letter from the bank arrived saying that a new card had to be issued. Apparently the scammer had been totally plausible, and never once were the “victim’s” suspicions aroused – the worst part was that there are already carbon monoxide detectors in the house, but the person was persuaded to go for newer, better etc…
If you know someone who might get caught this way, please do warn them, and please also share this post – at least the bank picked it up this time, but other people might not be so lucky.

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