Attempted thefts of boats on the river again

One night last week someone had obviously been investigating boats moored near the leat, and the next evening one of them was actually taken from its mooring – presumably the people taking it were disturbed while they were at it because it was left on the opposite bank.

The boat that was targeted was one with an engine, so easily taken. Often boats like these are stolen to order.

Perhaps these attempts could be linked to the men who came here earlier in the year, and asked for help to load one of the boats on the parish moorings on to a trailer. They had a transit van that was seen driving slowly past all the foreshore and river moorings as well.

PLEASE be aware, if you have a foreshore or a river mooring here that people are about again in this area targetting our boats, and make it as hard as you can for them to take it.

And please let everyone know if you see anything suspicious too, we’re going to have to have our own neighbourhood watch on the river here.

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