Aveton Gifford annual bonfire and fireworks

Remember Remember the fifth of November, gunpwder, treason and plot…..

Unfortunately this year, all we are going to be able to do this year is to remember our previous village bonfire parties and fireworks displays, we won’t be able to have one this year as usual. Along with all the other parish events and John Foale’s Tractor Run that the pandemic has caused us to cancel, the parish council has had to make the very difficult decision to add our 5th November celebrations to the list. We have been incredibly lucky here in the South Hams during the last few months, but with Covid warnings for the winter months and possible restrictions on numbers of people and public events even down here, the council has felt that it wasn’t wise to make plans for such a popular public event which draws people in from many miles around.

And just a thought ……….It’s always been a really good evening for the Fisherman’s Rest as well, and Athenia has always kept us fed with hot dogs and burgers while Mark has been behind the bar for our drinks. They will miss out on a very good evening there, (it’s one of the busiest in the year for them), so please don’t forget them this year. Even if you don’t get in there on the 5th, maybe you could get something from them anyway that week just to show them all our support.

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