Blow those cobwebs away on the Tidal Road – January 2nd, river road clean up,

The ACA is organising its annual clean up along the Tidal Road on the Saturday afternoon of January 2nd. Everybody is cordially invited to join in and to help clear up accumulated rubbish – there is usually lots that has blown in with stormy weather.

tidal road clean

Please meet at Timbers car park or at Milburn Orchard at 2.30 wearing appropriate clothing – boots and gloves recommended! – everyone is welcome, but please can children be accompanied by an adult. It would be helpful too if you have anything to put your collected rubbish into (plastic bags of some sort, or garden waste bags etc.), but all rubbish collected will be left at Timbers for SHDC to collect, so you won’t have to take it home to your own bin. Also you don’t have to be a member of the ACA to join in – it’s a good way to help to look after our estuary, and to blow away the cobwebs with family or friends.

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