Bottle Banks moved to new site

The 2 recycling banks beside the tidal road exit from Timbers car park have been moved up to the entrance to Wakeham Lane – the bit of old road at the top of the road down from the bypass. The parish council had arranged that the contractors would let us know when they were coming, but there was a hitch in communication somewhere,  and the lorry to exchange the bottle bank arrived with no warning. The banks were moved to their new position straight away while the lorry was there then to do it, but before notices had been prepared to advertise it to residents.

The recycling banks have been the cause of many complaints from parishioners, partly because they are so ugly, that area is used as dumping ground for other rubbish , and also because all that broken glass in the car park was a hazard to car tyres, walkers and dogs.  Now that the parish owns the car park this has been an opportunity to tidy it all up now that all the derelict boats have been cleared as well. The parish council strongly supports keeping the recycling banks, and has been able to provide an alternative site where people will be able to drop off their recycling when they are in the car instead. There will be an arrangement for elderly people and those who don’t drive to be able to bring their bottles once a week to be taken up for them – details to be made available soon.

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