Call for Volunteers for Parish Sports and Leisure Group

Are you aware that the Parish has for many years had a Sports & Leisure Committee – with funds, the objective of which is to provide activities that contribute to the quality of life of all generations of parishioners?

Following the retirement, after many years of service, of the last group to organise Sports & Leisure, more volunteers are urgently needed to keep this very worthwhile group going!   For various reasons the organisation has dwindled and, consequently, so too have the activities and entertainments. In days past the Sports & Leisure Group were responsible for organising all manner of fun activities, including the Regatta, Fun Week (in August), music events, sporting events (including tennis and table tennis) and, of course, Bonfire Night. This year the latter was wonderfully organised by the Fisherman’s.

The potential for activities organised by a group coming forward is huge – it is currently well-funded, and only needs the enthusiasm of people to get things organised. In particular the group is crying out for those with young families, who stand to be the main beneficiaries from whatever is organised. It’s not really a ‘committee’ in the formal sense, it’s more a co-ordinating group of people who are committed to planning and making fun events and activities actually happen!

One example of enthusiastic participation is tennis (looked after by John Harcus) which has really taken off this summer, with a mass of coaching courses taking place for all ages and abilities.   A lot more can join!   There are plans to affiliate with the LTA and so secure possible funding and other benefits for members.

Another example of an activity is table tennis, which last winter was enjoyed by many parishioners each Wednesday evening in the Village Hall. It should be run again, starting now, but it needs the impetus from a new group of Sports & Leisure members to get it off the ground.

Sports & Leisure has a treasurer and a tennis rep, but any interested individual or, better still, group keen to revive this really great asset should please contact Peter Javes, Sports & Leisure Treasurer, on 01548 559283 or via email


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