Carol singing this year – we still can, and here’s how!

Carol singing and Christmas lights in Aveton Gifford.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to have our annual get together around the tree at the pub this year, but our Christmas spirit is still alive and well!

There can’t be any procession of carol singers down Fore St either. or singing around the tree to watch Mark turning on the tree lights because the usual numbers of people involved are just too great to remain safe for us all.However, carol singing is still possible during this Christmas period – if anyone wants to cheer us all up you will still be able to.

The govt website gives these guidelines;

Door-to-door carol singing can take place in a group(s) of no more than six participants.

If there are more than six people in total, each ‘group’ must not interact, ‘mingle’ or otherwise socialise.

Participants should adhere to public health advice, including to ensure that you maintain at least 2m distance from anyone you do not live with and the threshold of any dwellings.

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