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Please, please clear up after your dogs – a polite request.

PLEASE, PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS! We have had a message from somebody with young children who lives here in the village asking if we could remind dog owners to please pick up their dog poo after the dog has done it. They’ve had…

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Disappearing dog bin!

Some of you have commented to parish council members that the dog-poo bin by the underpass has disappeared! Our apologies to dog walkers. The bottom of the bin has unfortunately rusted right through so the whole thing had to be removed, but a new bin has been ordered from SHDC to replace it…

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Playing Field – Parson’s Green

During the next few months work is to be undertaken on the far side of the green as, over the years, shrubs, scrub and overhanging branches have encroached on the field. There has been little in the way of trimming or cutting back since the…

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