Community Self Help in the parish during the Coronavirus epidemic

Our community here will inevitably have to deal with some of the changes which will be introduced in the next few weeks. There is no need to panic at the moment, but we are putting some plans into place now, so that we can cope with it better when we have to.
Some of us will need to be very dependant on each other – our family members, our friends and our neighbours. There are two things that we can all do now which will help.
Firstly, please can everybody get the phone numbers and email addresses of the people nearby, so that if someone is needing help, they can ring, What’sApp, Message, etc, what ever is best for them to keep in touch with their neighbours. If everyone could get those numbers sooner rather than later that would be a great help.
And secondly, there are already people in our community who are vulnerable and maybe more at risk. They may well have decided that now is the time for them to stay away from the rest of us. It would be a big help if they could stick a note in their windows just pointing out that they were doing this, and that way everyone could see easily that they might just need someone to walk the dog or fetch some shopping.
Other plans are already in the pipeline for collecting things from the shop, getting prescriptions and meds etc – more details to follow soon.
And thank you all for your help with this.

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