Diverting heavy traffic – can you help?

At last Monday’s parish council meeting there was a discussion about the heavy lorries that are going through Fore Street. Apparently many of them are from the same companies, and it was suggested that a plea to their head offices or transport managers to ask them to use the better and wider road from the A38 to Harraton Cross instead might take many of them away from the centre of the village.
If you see a lorry that you think is too large for our village, could you just take the NAME OF THE COMPANY. No need for number plates, but it might be helpful to take the date. Then either phone Peter Javes (559283) or email him ( peter.javes@btinternet.com ) with the info, and he will phone the companies to discuss it. (This HAS worked with one local company already, so it’s definitely worth a try!)

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