Dog Show results

The Aveton Gifford Fun Dog Show raised over £400 towards a new storage shed for the village shop. Over 70 dogs turned up for the event, and judges Carol Tanton and Pip Ainsworth had quite a hard job selecting the winners from the varied entries. The final results are as follows;

Best pedigree puppy

1. Bailey shown by Lauren
2. Charlie, Nikki Smallridge
3. Eva,  Jess
4. Murphy,  Heather Old

Best pedigree dog

1. Joy shown by Marion Winter
2. Morgan,  Neill Schroeter
3. Malcolm,  Ros Brousson
4. Isla,  Miles

Best cross breed

1. Olly shown by Tara
2. Alf,  Emma
3. Ben,  Zoe
4. Dexter,  Jo

Best rescue dog

1. Malcolm shown by Ros Brousson
2. Jonty,  Karenza
3. Tilley,  Chris Tyrer
4. Basil,  Anne Fowler

Best veteran dog

1. Buffy shown by Andrew Crago
2. Pippi,  Sue
3. Poppy,  Mrs Thorns
4. Morch,  Pat Cassidy

Best condition

1. Morgan shown by Neill Schroeter
2. Dexter,  Jo
3. Malcolm,  Ros Brousson
4. Maisie,  Nikki

Best child handler

1. Lauren showing Jenny
2. Miles showing Isla
3. Joel showing Mabel
4. Megan showing Diesel

Prettiest bitch

1. Maisie shown by Sue Portman
2. Jenny,  Lauren Darbyshire
3. Eva,  Jenny
4. Ebony,  Margaret

Handsomest dog

1. Charlie shown by Nikki Smallridge
2. Malcolm,  Ros Brousson
3. Murphy,  Heather Old
4. Monty,  Sharon Hall

Waggiest tail

1. Ben shown by Jill
2. Maisie,  Rick Clayton
3. Mary,  Maisie Woods
4. Rudi,  Caroline

Most appealing eyes

1. Millie shown by Sarah
2. Jenny,  Lauren Darbyshire
3. Celtic,  Eva
4. Beetle,  Pippa Unwin

Fastest Sit and Down

1. Judy shown by Angela Walker
2. Jenny,  Lauren Darbyshire
3. Celtic,  Eva
4. Mary,  Maisie Woods

Fastest Bonio eater

1. Maisie shown by Amy Clayton
2. Jenny,  Lauren Darbyshire
3. Mary,  Maisie Woods
4. Molly,  John Harcus

BEST IN SHOW Jenny shown by Lauren
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Malcolm shown by Ros Brousson

Many thanks to all the organisers, both the judges, and also to all the competitors who turned up to make it all such a successful fund-raiser and such an enjoyable day.


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