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We don’t know if you are aware that there is a collecting box for food donations for Kingsbridge Food Bank in St Andrew’s church. This valuable and unfortunately very necessary resource has become an essential form of assistance for an increasing number of local families. It is particularly useful for families at holiday time when they find that having the children at home all day puts an added strain on family finances.

Aveton Gifford’s donations were initially collected in a small way by members of St Andrew’s Church, but have now become a regular contribution to the local Food Bank in Kingsbridge, which offers help to residents both in Kingsbridge and also all the surrounding parishes.

There is a  box for donations, which is clearly labelled, at the back of the church which can be found either on the window sill or in front of the font. The church is open every day from 8am to 5pm. All manner of goods can be donated; tinned products such as baked beans, tinned veg, tuna etc; dry goods such as tea, coffee, sugar, flour, pasta, powdered milk etc; (ie; things that will keep, rather than fresh which will go off quickly). Household items are also needed, eg toilet rolls and anything in the way of general household goods, and not forgetting baby milk and nappies, and even dog and cat food. Also, at certain times of the year such as Christmas there is a request for Christmas puddings, biscuits,chocolates, sweets etc.

There is a list on the Kingsbridge food bank website  (though not sure how often it’s updated) and there is a basic suggestions list on our collection box. This is checked on a regular basis and all the donated items taken to the Age Concern building in Kingsbridge which is the distribution centre.  All members of the community whether churchgoers or not can take their contributions up to St Andrew’s, and anything they feel they could contribute will be gratefully received.

If anyone has a problem getting donations up to the church or has any questions you can contact either;                Nikki Smallridge – 550100                                                                                                                                                           Rosie Warrillow  –  07779290653.

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