The Aveton Gifford Parish Project Group The group was set up in 1991 to make a pictorial and written record of the parish, foster interest in it and to conduct and support local projects.

The group first came together to produce our Parish Map; the original copy of this was donated to the parish council and hangs in the Village Hall. This proved such a success that the PPG has undertaken many projects since that date, principally producing books and leaflets on a wide variety of local interests, so that the sales from these publications can raise money to contribute towards many of the community’s projects or activities. It has also played a large part in recording the memories, history and heritage of many aspects of the parish in order to preserve them for future generations.
The Parish Project Group has contributed to many amenities and interests since 1991.  Amongst many others it has published several books and leaflets of footpaths in the parish including “Making Tracks”, and a framed Ordnance Survey map of the footpaths of the parish is displayed in Timbers car park for the benefit of walkers and visitors to the parish. Donations have been made to a wide variety of village causes including the building of “The Hive” and to re-establish a post office store in the village. The restored parish stocks were moved to the school entrance, the church maintenance fund has benefited over the years, and the PPG has supported and enabled many village celebrations and events. Recently it made generous contributions to shrubs in the Rectory Lawns, and the refurbishment and installation of new notice boards in Timbers car park. The next contribution is towards a new de-fibrillator for the village.


In 2013 the Group set up its own website   This gives an account of the groups activities and interests, particularly in recording the history and heritage of this parish.  You will find many fascinating articles and stories about the places and the people who have lived here, with a selection of photos from our archive.

For those who like to explore our varied footpaths and tracks throughout the parish either on foot or by cycle or on horseback, the website gives much useful information in its section “Paths and Rights of Way”.

Of particular interest to family historians are the three records drawn up and published by the group and now available here – a map and list of gravestones in St Andrew’s churchyard, the list of all burials in the churchyard from 1841 p- 1900,  and the tithe map of 1842 with its lists of landowners and occupiers of the properties at that time. Our records page may also give useful additional information for those wishing to find out more about the parish or its residents.

Icon of Burial Records, St Andrews 1841 To 1900, Alphabetical Order Burial Records, St Andrews 1841 To 1900, Alphabetical Order (322.7 KB)


Archive of photographs

The group has collected an archive of local photographs. These have all now been digitised and some of them can be seen on the website. However the archive now contains over 1500 images! It is impossible to show all of these at any one time, so if you have a particular interest in a family, a place, or an event please do contact the group directly to see if we have photos which may be of interest.

Our archive is a community one, and we hope will be of interest for years to come. You may have photographs that you feel might be interesting, and would like to share them through the archive. You do not have to donate the photos themselves; if for example they are old ones that you would like to keep in the family they can be digitally scanned (with no damage to the photos themselves) and added to the archive that way. You might also have pictures of more recent events that we have not got, and again they can be scanned and you will not lose the original.

Forthcoming events

The PPG has put on exhibitions, talks and slide shows over the years, and will continue to do so. We have a programme of events for the coming months, and also plan to organise visits to local places of interest. These will not be restricted to members only – they will be open to all, and we hope that many of you will like to join us. For up to date information please see our  Forthcoming Events.

For more information please see the Parish Project Group’s website.

  • Parish Map Handover

    Parish Map Handover

  • Jubilee Display in the Village Hall

    Jubilee Display in the Village Hall

  • People called in the whole weekend to look at the display

    People called in the whole weekend to look at the display

  • Restored village stocks being installed at the school

    Restored village stocks being installed at the school

  • The group has published Making Tracks - a guide to footpaths in the parish

    The group has published Making Tracks - a guide to footpaths in the parish

  • The group holds an archive of photographs

    The group holds an archive of photographs

  • Visit to Devon Rural Archive

    Visit to Devon Rural Archive

  • Visit to Shilstone House

    Visit to Shilstone House

Contact Details

For more information please contact:

Delia Elliott
Tel: 01548 550298
Email: [email protected]



We would like to open up our membership to include anyone who has an interest in our community and its heritage; if you are interested in any of the recording and historical interests of the group, or in helping to contribute to community projects we invite you to join us. The group will continue to be run by a small core of members, but anyone wishing to become involved in any of our outings or projects need have no fear that they are going to be co-opted onto a committee – unless of course they want to be!