A farewell message from Charlene

Charlene has decided to leave her job at the shop, and sent this message to be posted up on the AG Facebook page. However, as many people don’t “do” Facebook, it’s posted here as well so that the farewell message reaches everyone;

“To all the lovely warm welcoming people in Aveton Gifford
Thank you all for your amazing support for the last 18 months.
One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made is to leave the village shop.
I’m going to miss everyone in the village.
Very very sad to be leaving, but needs must, and family is my number one priority.
I hope the change over goes well, and I will be in the village dog walking and for events in the future.
See you all around the village xx
Wishing you all well. – me & Liam will be at the next soup & pudding for sure xx”

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