Fox watching at South Efford Marsh!

A big thank you this week to Maya Plass and also to the Aune Conservation Association  It’s the first week of their funded project for 10 children from AG Primary School to go over to South Efford Marsh for a series of classes learning about the wildlife and habitat there.
Maya took them to the Marsh for their introductory session yesterday afternoon, and they had a wonderful time. There was lots to see, and they spent quite a bit of time in the new bird hide – here are a few quotes here from their nature journals…

“My first experience of South Efford Marsh was incredible! We saw a swan, egret, FOX, mullet and curlew! It was really peaceful and relaxing.”

“Today I saw a wild fox! I think the marsh is a good place for wildlife!”

“What  I thought of South Efford Marsh was cold and damp but it’s very exiting!”

You can follow them from week to week in the new blog that Maya has set up

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