Hall car park alert – 7th and 8th of June

If you park in the memorial hall car park you may remember that very occasionally flooding like this has happened.

andy's car rescue June 2012Now that all the dredging has been done and Tree Corner bridge has been renewed it is really unlikely we shall see things like this again. However as the last part of the flood resilience measures for the village, tall wooden stakes are going to be put in around all of that bottom part of the hall car park to prevent cars floating away in to the stream. The work will be done next week – Thursday 7th, or if too wet then on Friday 8th.

In order for the work to be done, the lower part of the hall car park will need to be completely free of cars, so with many apologies to you car owners for the inconvenience, could anyone who would normally have a car there then please briefly move it or park somewhere else just for those 36 hours.

2 thoughts on “Hall car park alert – 7th and 8th of June”

  1. Hi . We are having pre-school sports day behind the village hall Friday 8th 1.30-3.30 on the grass.
    Will we be ok for this??
    Also, they are setting up for the church fete after this, on the Friday

    1. The work should be done and finished on Thursday if the weather is ok, and so far the forecast gives fine weather – so fingers crossed that it is!

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