Hedgehog habitat area on Pittens

There is a pile of old wood and leaves at the bottom of Pittens against the wall of Rectory Stables that has been there for some time now.
When the tree surgeons were here last week to tidy up the rest of the area beside it in Jubilee St car park, they were asked to leave this area untouched. It may look a bit of a mess, but by now it will be home to many small animals, probably including hedgehogs who may well be hibernating in there now (usually November – March/April), and lots of invertebrates and insects. Later in the year it may well be an attractive feeding site for some of our small birds as well.

It’s been left there on purpose, and we all hope it will continue to be a great home for everything, and all the decomposing bits of wood will provide a really good food source for lots of insects and birds and animals too!

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