How to find out up to date info, or send some out

A decision has been taken that our AG Facebook page and this website must become the initial point of contact for the foreseeable future for parish social media information and communication,.
We do realise that there are several other local digital and social media pages which are equally wide-spread and useful, but we have to make sure that nothing gets missed, and the right messages get out. This means that info from the parish council, health authorities or our own volunteer assistance team will be coming initially through this page and the parish website, but we’d be very grateful if it could then get passed on to Next Door and other equally useful social media sites as well – that way we can create a sort of “information tree”, and it ought to get out to as many people as we can.
We’ve added a few more editors to the Facebook page now too, so it ought to ensure that your messages get picked up and dealt with asap, and also so that we can post up requests for help immediately as they come in.
Many thanks to you all for your help with this

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