If you need food supplies from the shop

Jas and Sukh will be able to supply food for people in the forthcoming weeks if they need it.
Jas has suggested that they can take orders over the phone, and then they can make up a box of supplies to be collected.
She is very sorry, but they won’t be able to make deliveries themselves though, as there won’t be anybody spare to be able to leave the shop. However they will make it as easy as possible for someone to pick up supplies for you, and will arrange how to pay for it individually when anyone phones in with their order.
(At the moment stocks are a little low both here and at Holywell Stores, but more will be coming in soon from Jas’s suppliers.)
The shop phone number – 01548 550 996
opening hours weekdays 8.00 – 6.00
weekends 8.30 – 3.00 (Sat) and 8.30 – 1.00 (Sun)
We’re going to really need and value our shop here in the next few weeks, so thank you very much to Jas, Sukh, Kathleen and Jenny for all of your help here

(If anybody is confined indoors and will need food to be collected for them they will be able to ask for help in several different ways – more info to follow about that in a different post.)

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