Last call to claim a trailer left in Jubilee St car park

The trees along the Rectory Stables garden are going to be cleared, (many are dead and diseased, and one recently naarrowly missed a car parked beside it) and the area there will be tidied up – this should give much more space for parking

Owners of the 6 trailers have been asked to move them by the evening of New Year’s Day so that the work can be done before the weekend.

However one trailer is still there, owner unknown. residents remember that it was being towed down Fore St several years ago when a wheel came off it. The damaged trailer was then dragged into the Jubilee St car park, and has been left there ever since. It was full of wood and bags of gathered kindling, and that has stayed inside it ever since. The lost wheel was retrieved, and is with the trailer, but it has never been repaired.

It’s now assumed that the trailer must have been dumped here and abandoned – nobody has even been back here to collect the wood from it that they had collected.

If this story jogs any memories please could you let Peter Javes or one of the parish council know. The trailer has until the evening of Sunday 5th January to be claimed, otherwise it will be considered to be abandoned, and will be removed.

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