Live jazz from the garden – from a distance!

A KIngsbridge Jazz Club newsletter – now that events still can’t take place inside the pub, the jazz club has joined the many other groups of people who are getting their musical fixes online! Louise has sent us her newsletter which tells us how easy it was for their regular followers to join the live Facebook gig from Ben Holder’s garden even though they weren’t able to join him in the Fisherman’s Rest.

The Upside Down Jazz Cellar!

Dear Jazzers,

So…….The Upside Down Jazz Cellar has been launched!   Did you join the lift off on Friday night?  Somehow Bob and Maggie Eley dusted off their green leotards from the bike shed and managed to join the Live Facebook gig from the Ben Holder Trio.  It was amazing!   Henry and I watched it from our lounge and then moved down to Challaborough Beach (had booked a pick up slot for fish & chips from Fryer Tucks so had to go out) still watching it on our mobile phone.  See pictures below.  Amazing sound quality. 

There is more of this to come and we have already have had one enquiry from a well-loved band who wants to try and do the same.  Watch this space!   If you watched the Ben Holder Trio gig (live from Ben’s back garden) and did not know how to make a contribution by PayPal – then you can find out how to contribute by emailing Sophie Jayne Holder to ask how to do this another way.  

If you don’t know how to get yourself set up with Facebook so that you can join in this LIVE JAZZ then now is the time to get some help and don’t give up.  Just get it sorted!   We will keep you posted and all you have to do is click the links.  

Here is a ‘letter’ from Bob and Maggie…… I’m sure that many of you might wonder how the Club will recover when this evil virus is wiped out and we start our “new normal”.  I can only tell you that for all who tuned in to watch the live performance of The Ben Holder Trio – in a gazebo in his garden – the response was nothing short of remarkable. 

Ben and his wife Sophie had the initiative and foresight to set up this live performance which is something that no one else in the jazz world has managed yet – or maybe didn’t even know that it was possible to do.
The results were nothing short of remarkable. Ben asked for any requests and we were able to respond with a few words on the screen as if we were in the garden with them. 

The response was electric, well over a thousand compliments and tributes flew in, – some from other parts of the world, which proves to me that we are all starved of jazz.  If only three musicians can get this response, performing on a shoe string, in a cold back garden, imagine what can happen when we are all tucked up in a friendly, cosy pub with a pint in hand listening to our favourite music. 

If three guys in a back garden while the wind blew a hooley can do it, – KINGSBRIDGE JAZZ CLUB IN THE FISHERMAN’S REST CAN CERTAINLY DO IT. The good news is that Ben, Jez Cook and Paul Jefferies are planning another gig. I wish them better weather next time.  If you wish to watch the next gig, get signed up for Facebook in the meantime and wait for Louise to advise you of the next date.
Best wishes to you all, can’t wait to join you all again.
Bob & Maggie Eley.

Any more for any more?

Maybe more of our bands can have a go at this type of event and let us have the links.  Could we organise a Requests Gig?  Email me if you are interested in performing or watching such a gig.

What’s Next?
It’s time to think ahead and look beyond the gloom.  Are you willing to come along for the trip?  It would be great to keep in touch and share some ideas about the way in which we will get back together again.  Please send Henry an email or call for a chat – 01548 810991 

If any other bands want to send a message to KJC – we would love to hear from you and even better see and hear you on a video. x

Louise Wainwright
KJC Communications Manager

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