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The mAGpie is published for the residents of Aveton Gifford with the support of the Parish Council. It is a bi-monthly magazine (published every other month) and contains regular features, updates and news. It is delivered to every door in the parish with a circulation of 450 copies. The magazine can also be found in the village shop, The Fisherman’s Rest & St Andrews Church.

Article submission

Residents of the parish are very welcome to submit articles for the mAGpie. Please send all articles in electronic format to our dedicated mAGpie email address which is: [email protected]

Next issue

The next issue is due out at the beginning of December

The submission deadline for the next issue is: 10th of November 2020

Submission dates for each issue:

  • 10th January for the Feb – Mar edition
  • 10th March for the Apr – May edition
  • 10th May for the June – July edition
  • 10th July the Aug – Sept edition
  • 10th September for the Oct – Nov edition
  • 10th November for the Dec – Jan edition

Advertising in the mAGpie

Advertising is welcome in support of our parish magazine which is published bi-monthly and distributed free of charge to every house in the parish, as well as through the Fisherman’s Rest, the Village Shop and St Andrew’s Church – circulation 450.

Advertisers should please supply their own ‘copy’ in electronic form – please contact David Stevens at [email protected] for more information.

The table below shows the pa cost for 6 insertions:

SizeAG ResidentNon-resident
Whole page159216
Half page79.50108
Quarter page52.5066
Eighth of page37.5052.50

The mAGpie team

Contribution Coordinators:

  • David Stephens
  • Delia Elliott – 01548 550298
  • Pippa Unwin
  • Sue May

Magazine Production:

  • Pippa Unwin
  • Amy Clayton – 01548 550682

Proof Reading and Advertising Coordinator

  • David Stephens

And thanks must go to all the volunteers who deliver every issue of the mAGpie to every door in the parish!

To contact any of the mAGpie team, please use the email address: [email protected]

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mAGpie Archive

Below are all the previous issues of the mAGpie since first publication in 1999  – you will need a suitable pdf reader to view these files.

In 2015 we  published our 100th edition of the mAGpie. We have been fortunate that one of our mAGpie team, David Stevens has spent some considerable time in drawing up an index of contents for all these first 100 issues; we can now offer a searchable index for issues 1-100. 

This is split over two pdf files, with the index of issues 1-50 in the first file and  51-100 in the second file.

  • Simply click on the pdf’s below to open and view them.
  • To search use the search box in your pdf viewer – matching words will then be highlighted. Alternatively, you can use the shortcuts CTRL +F (Windows) or CMD + F (Apple).

Previous mAGpie Issues



PC Minutes 08 – 2020
116.71 KB downloads


The Corvid – May 2020
11.97 MB downloads






















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