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South Hams District Council website

Now that SHDC has slimmed down its office space at Follaton House in order to reduce council running costs, the website is the first point of contact to reach the various council departments and officers. Its website has been completely redesigned and updated, and initial teething troubles have now been ironed out, so don’t be put off! There are telephonists on the switchboard still, but they are there to answer all the calls for the other businesses and offices who now use Follaton House as well, so it is often very much easier to go straight to the website for information, to get in touch with councillors or departments, or to report concerns. The new site aims to give local residents all useful facts and links about their own particular area and property, including recycling and waste collection, council tax,  and your councillors and MP.  It should be easier now to report a missed bin collection, or a bottle bank that needs emptying, and you can also pay your Council Tax online, report a crime online, or contact your local MP or councillors. The website now shows details of all planning applications – if you don’t know the exact planning number or address, you can still search for something by parish.

To get to it –

Update on Recycling.

A new system of distributing new blue and clear rolls of  recycling bags was introduced by SHDC (February 2016) –

you can either re-order them directly from SHDC online on the council website, or collect a roll from the shop  (the bags are still free of charge as they’ve always been).

Where to report highway problems and faults.

DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL WEBSITE is now the ONLY site to report ALL highways problems rather than phoning through to the council; you can report all sorts of things including highway damage, pavement damage, blocked drains, or street lights that aren’t working, and areas of Japanese Knotweed or overgrown hedges and roadside verges for example. There is an interactive map which you use to identify the specific location. It does also give you a link to make a claim for vehicle or property damage from DCC.

Anti-social Behaviour.

After several incidents recently of anti-social or intimidating or threatening behaviour some information has been given to us about the correct protocol for reporting these incidents.

The police are very keen that as much information is reported as possible about any of these incidents, and they have provided a local point of contact, and also that of the SHDC Anti-Social Officer.

How to report it –

If anyone is behaving in an anti-social way towards any member of the public they should immediately call the police on 101. It may seem that this doesn’t produce any obvious result, but it is still necessary; what it does do is to provide an incident numbered complaint which is logged. This way there is a record of all complaints, and this information is vital for the police when they follow them up, particularly if the same person has been responsible for more than one incident. (Calls to individual officers do not get on to this logging system, so it is important to realise that you may need to make more than one call!)

They can also call local police officers:-

The local community police covering this parish do change fairly regularly according to budget and personnel changes, but you can get the current number for our own local officer for our Parish Clerk.

Then and most importantly they should contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer:-

John Ward

tel. 01803 861252      [email protected]

Kingsbridge Area FoodBank

Based at Horizons, (top of Fore St) in Kingsbridge, this facility offers support to families in crisis in Kingsbridge and the surrounding parishes, and is a very necessary form of support in recent years – it is particularly valuable during holiday times when young families are at home. Contributions can be taken to St Andrew’s Church here in the village, or put in the collection points in Tesco and Morrisons, and to Age Concern; both Morrisons and Tesco give updated lists of foodstuffs, personal care and household products which are particularly needed, so if you wish to donate something during your weekly shop, it might be worth having a look at their lists before you start. Information can be found on our own website here, and further enquiries can be made through

Mobile library service.

The mobile library visits the village on Wednesday mornings between 9.30 and 10.30, parking by the village hall. Unfortunately due to a much reduced budget, the visits are now only once a month, and previous stops at Bridge End have also been cut – but the van does stop in the village for an hour, so plenty of time time to get there. They also offer a home delivery service for those of us who find it more difficult to walk that distance or carry the books. These monthly visits can be found on the events calendar.

The Mobile Library Service – We have something for everyone!

This service gives access to books, audio books, Large print and DVDs to people who cannot easily reach one of our static libraries. Membership is FREE, no ID needed. Join at any age – babies too! There is no charge for borrowing books, and there’s a great choice. Non-Fiction books, Large Print, and children’s books can be reserved FREE. You  can even reserve books online, and collect them from the Mobile Library. Children have extra fun joining the Book Track and Summer reading Challenge. There is something to offer everyone on board so why not hop on and take a look?

For more information phone 0345 155 1001        Or email [email protected]

The Home Library Service – Love reading but you can’t get to your library?

If you’re not able to come to the library, or not able to carry your books, the Home Library Service can deliver books and CDs to your door for FREE! The service provides:  Free delivery and collection at flexible times:  A wide choice of titles:  Large print books, audio books and CDs: Free reservations:  No fines.    The books are delivered by trained and security-checked volunteers from the Royal Voluntary Service who will treat your confidentiality as a priority.

For more information phone 0345 155 1001       Or email [email protected]


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