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Aveton Gifford, GB
5:04 am9:29 pm BST
Feels like: 22°C
Wind: 14km/h SW
Humidity: 47%
Pressure: 1018.96mbar
UV index: 3
6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm
16°C / 11°C
18°C / 13°C
19°C / 13°C
20°C / 13°C
21°C / 14°C

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The tide times shown here are for the nearest port (Devonport, Plymouth) and all times are shown in 24 hr format and are adjusted for British Summer Time.

Notes for the Avon Estuary

To give an AVERAGE time of high and low water at the mouth of the river, add 7 minutes to the above time.

To give an AVERAGE time of high and low water at Aveton Gifford add 35 minutes on to the above time.

In British waters there are two high and two low tides every lunar day. The lunar day is slightly longer than our own 24 hour day – it is 24 hours, 50 minutes and 28 seconds, and that is why the time for high tide moves on each day.

The tide times and heights given here are predictions, but users need to be aware that the height of the tide can vary a lot with weather conditions. If there has been a lot of rain in the previous 12 hours, or there is a strong onshore wind, the tide may be higher than predicted, and water may stay in the river for a longer period of time. High or low barometric pressure will also have an effect.

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