Lost property handed in to the shop – is any of it yours?

A message from Dinah –
We have some lost property that has been handed into the shop. Is any of it yours?

3 Pairs of glasses:-
1 pair of Foster Grant ‘readme type’ +1.50                                                                                                                                         
1 pair black marked CL002
1 pair with brown – no name but has a small half flower motif on the sides

3 Key Rings with Keys attached
Key ring with key [rather rusty] with a green salamander fob
Key ring with Yale key and a metal fob saying ‘DAMN I’M GOOD’
Key ring with a key and knotted blue cord fob

Pretty blue and green bead necklace
Small lady’s gold watch with expanding bracelet – unable to read maker – does not seem to work
Windscreen mount for a ‘statnav’
Metal model of a Spitfire about 5 ins long
A pair of small black woollen gloves
Plastic drink bottle – clear with a black to
Little girl’s pink hair clip with a flower shaped end with a picture

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