Missed refuse collections – seem to be a problem in all parts of the parish!


We have had recent information explaining just what has been going wrong……

“We are having some real problems with going onto the new system. It was always the case that it would be a phased rollout – this week we are putting any further rollout on hold until we sort what we have done so far. The company seriously underestimated the job in hand. They also have a serious shortage of HGV drivers, some new recruits did one day and did not turn up the next day. The council is putting in extra staff to help sort out the missed collections of both types of waste.”

Many of us in the village and out in the parish are finding that our bins and now the new boxes and bags are not being collected on the weekly collection days. Some of us have had to wait for a month, or even longer in some places, for some of it to be taken. You may have seen our district councillor Kate Kemp on the local tv news last week – she has been at the end of so many complaints about the poor service recently as you will have seen.

If your collection has been missed, you should report it online to SHDC on their website which has a dedicated page for missed collections. However, it’s not as straightforward as it could be –

* You can only report it the next day, not later on that collection day

* The website only lets you report it for the next two days. After that you’ve missed the opportunity!

* You can only report your own missed collection – your neighbours will have to do it for themselves. It seems that if a team does come out to collect the missed ones, there is a strong chance that they will only collect the reported missed ones – on several occasions they have ignored an obvious pile of recycling just a few feet away….

However, it is well worth reporting all missed collections online because this gives a definite record. Also unless the waste management team know just how many are missed, they won’t realise just how bad this is for many of us.

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