More Jazz at Home – for KJC members, the Upside Down Jazz Cellar!

Dear Jazzers,

There is a new way to enjoy live jazz from home.   You do not have to have a FaceBook account to join in because both the gigs below are “Public Events”.   You can watch them for free.  After the Live GIGs I will post the You Tube link of the gig so you can watch it again and again….. Both bands have links on their FaceBook pages to explain how you can make a donation if you would like to.  If you have any trouble doing this – please contact The Editor

Ben Holder Trio – Fri 19th June  6.00 -to 7.00 pm
The Ben Holder Trio is holding another fabulous Garden Gig at Ben’s home this Friday 19th June.  If you want to join in and even request a special tune – all you have to do is click this link Ben Holder Trio GIG 

Zoe Lambeth and The Vintage Jazz Collective  – Sunday 21st June 6 to 7pm.  
We are delighted to host Zoe and The Vintage Jazz Collective and are very glad they wanted to get together to play for YOU.  It is their first attempt at this type of gig.  If all goes well then we may have the ‘second half’ the following weekend.  Please join us!   Again there is no live audience – it’s a Live FB Public Event and all you have to do is click this Link  The Vintage Jazz Collective GIG–   If you want to make a donation the link is here – Donation to VJC band

The Band:  Zoe (clarinet & sax, vocals) will have with her: Steve Dow (guitar, vocals); Martin Jenkins  (piano) Jim Rintoul  (bass) and Gary Evans  (drums).  They will be playing things like :  Button up your overcoat ; I can’t give you anything but love; I won’t dance;  Dream a little dream of me; Ain’t she sweet and Dinah……and maybe your request – if you join us! 

There will be no live audience at the event – but we hope to have many people listening and talking to us during the gig (with requests) – on line.  Viewing is free.  There will be voluntary payment methods on line for anyone who wants to make a contribution to the Band. 

Other Bands 

If there are other bands who have played for Kingsbridge Jazz Club who would like to perform this way – we can even do this if you are in Holland or USA.  All you need to do is set it up at your home and send me the link for your Live FaceBook gig.  We will post this and any Paypal link etc in these posts.  It would be nice to have a poster if you can make one OR an up to date photo of you with or without the whole band.  Please get in touch.  Kindly share this invitation with any bands that you know have performed for KJC in the past or were booked for the future.  We miss you. x

 Lets get this Upside Down Jazz Cellar going ….

Keep those feet tap, tap, tapping……

Louise Wainwright
KJC Communications Manager

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