Music on the Green – Cancelled – blame it on the weather

With extreme regret the organisers of the outside music event on Saturday afternoon have made the difficult decision to cancel it. The scaffolding for the stage was due to be put up on the green today, but we have had so much rain in the last week that the ground is saturated, and that would have made it a dangerous job for the scaffolders, and not a good place to be for the audience at the weekend (we all know how slippery that green gets in the winter when it has had prolonged rain….).

It’s a great shame, as the organisers have put in a tremendous amount of hard work, and with a wide choice of music we would have had a really great afternoon. Many thanks to them all anyway for all their hard work, and we’ll keep hoping for better weather for another one! The music isn’t all cancelled though – there will be music in the pub on Saturday evening, from 7.00 pm, so you can come along there instead.

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