Neighbourhood Plan consultation – further suggestions still welcome

On Saturday the village hall was the venue for our first Neighbourhood Plan Forum, and the Working Group has sent us the following thank-you and report;

neighbourhood plan - first forum

“The Neighbourhood Plan public consultation on Saturday 20th was extremely well attended, and the Working Group would like to thank everyone who attended. There was a great atmosphere and lots of lively discussion, assisted by some delicious home made biscuits to accompany tea and coffee. For anyone who missed this event, or anyone who did but now thinks of further points, there is still the opportunity to contribute via the AG website and Facebook sites”.

If you have any suggestions to put forward you can enter them in the comments box below where they will be picked up by the NP Working Group. Alternatively, a “post box” for suggestions will be available in the village shop. Thank you all very much for taking the time to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

6 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan consultation – further suggestions still welcome”

  1. How about the subway between the football field and Timbers car park has a wildlife mural instead of the yellow hall with muddy handprints? …like the one the school has on the side of their building.

  2. The group held a stall at the Village Fete, at which the public was invited to view and comment on proposals for a major development at Shire Lane in Uplyme. You can read a  summary of responses from the event.

  3. I am sorry to be so late in making a comment and hope this can be considered.
    In reading the document which is very thorough and clear, I feel that the strategic importance of the river to AG, and its protection has not be emphasised sufficiently. The river and tidal road access together are a jewel for AG, for residents, local businesses and tourists, and I think this could be said at the beginning. Their protection is a key part of AG’s future.
    WithIn the plan could the river and tidal road be listed as one of the main issues, and worked in a cross cutting theme throughout. For example conservation of the river and preservation of the tidal road is an important element under housing and development, community facilities, infrastructure, economy and environment and their policies. I believe that the Neighbourhood Plan can be an important friend to our river. Please could this thread be run through the plan so that this jewel can continue to give us all pleasure into the long-term future.

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