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The Neighbourhood Plan must be a community effort. We all need to work together to produce a document that will form the basis of how we would all like the whole parish to develop in the next 15 years, and to think about what we will be handing over to our children’s generation; the facilities that we will need, enough housing and employment opportunities, our countryside, our environment, and how to protect the things that we value here.

Your input is vital to the whole project; we need your responses to all the questionnaires and community open forums in order to draw up a plan that represents you, the parishioners. However, this is an ongoing project, and we still need your ideas and feedback even if you have missed the deadlines or couldn’t come to an open meeting.  Please email us here with any suggestions or comments, or leave a comment in the section below.

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  • Jack Slater

    Jun 27, 2018 - Reply

    Fore Street is becoming a more dangerous place. The number of cars, commercial vehicles including HGV’s and buses, and motorcyclists, is increasing. Many of these have no connection whatsoever to AG, and use Fore Street as a convenient ‘rat run’. Most totally ignore the 20mph speed limit – the law is repeatedly broken and pedestrians are at special risk. The pavements are very narrow and occasionally absent. The elderly dare not use zimmer frames or motorised scooters, but mothers with young children must use prams and buggies on the road. The frequently speeding vehicles have made this part of AG very dangerous, and, I believe there is a risk of serious, possibly fatal, accidents.

    Ideally, ‘passing’ traffic should be diverted on to the A379 bypass. This surely could be achieved at relatively small cost. If not, then more full-sized speed bumps should be used, together with police speed cameras. This could make the street safer and, hopefully, persuade drivers to use the bypass instead!

    The national concern about increasing traffic air- pollution is important. Its deleterious effect on human health has become a worry. Have any measurements been undertaken in Fore Street?

    • admin2

      Jul 2, 2018 - Reply

      Thank you very much for your response, it’s a constant problem which doesn’t seem easy to resolve, but must be included in future plans. I’ve passed it on to the Plan group – and if you’d like to talk to them directly about it, the contact details for David Davis Berry, Sarah Harcus (NP group) are on the parish council list on the website

    • Richard Bain

      Jul 22, 2018 - Reply

      Thanks Jack for your comments. I fully agree with the points you raise having experienced countless occasions when traffic has passed me whilst walking along the street which has been going well in excess of the 20mph limit. The speed bumps seem to do nothing to deter the divers of these vehicles many of which are large enough to straddle the bumps anyway. I have seen schemes in other parts of the country which are far more effective. They involve alternate narrowing the street from either side with wider pavements which could become decorative with flower beds, for example, together with some street parking permitted where the width of the road allows.

  • J Hughes

    Jun 3, 2018 - Reply

    I feel the Plan is pretty comprehensive with most of the key concerns addressed, however, I do echo Richard’s concerns that the existing infrastructure may not be able to cope with large areas of new housing which will provide additional strain.

    Improved internet speed is also high on my list – our broadband speeds are shockingly poor (we live in a hamlet approx 2 miles from AG).

    We live on part of the ‘rat run’ to Salcombe and I do have concerns that increased housing in the area may lead to more traffic using our road (single road with passing places). I already have concerns regarding the speed of vehicles, and more vehicles would only exacerbate the problem.

    Interesting to read the ideas for a footbridge – something I had not considered, however, the existing bridge is very unsafe for pedestrians.

    • admin2

      Jun 13, 2018 - Reply

      Thank you Jenny. Your comments have also been passed on to the NP group for their consultation, and please do feel free to contact them to discuss any of it further. Thanks again.

  • Richard Bain

    May 21, 2018 - Reply

    I have concerns regarding the possibility of building thirty plus houses on any of the identified sites in and around the village. A development of such a size would impose unacceptable strain on the existing infrastructure and facilities that are available.

    Specifically, the road network, both the A379 and the lesser roads leading to the A38 are already operating at capacity at peak times. There is insufficient work available locally and most working residents need to travel further afield on the already inadequate road network.

    A significant increase in population may also affect the viability of the school to continue on its existing site and in the current economic climate can we realistically expect a new or significantly enlarged school to be provided.

    In the recent past we have experienced significant flooding and any significant development would inevitably result in more surface run-off and other drainage being directed into facilities that, we know, can struggle to cope. Works to improve the drainage have not yet been fully tested with significant and prolonged rain coinciding with very high tides. In circumstances such as these the water just has nowhere to go.

    I understand the need for more housing but I have yet to see a local development that meets the needs of local people in terms of affordability and location to work or the means to get to work. It would be disappointing if yet another development of significant size were to leave the local community and surrounding areas the poorer from loss of open space with a disproportionate strain on existing facilities and young people with young families, who the village needs to be truly sustainable, being unable to afford the houses anyway, once they are built.

    • admin2

      May 31, 2018 - Reply

      Thanks very much for your comments Richard. This has been forwarded to the Neighbourhood Planning Group for inclusion in their consultation responses, and in the meantime if you would like to discuss it further with them, they would be pleased to do so.

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