Neighbourhood Plan: Home

Neighbourhood Plan: Home

What is our Neighbourhood Plan, and why do we need one?

The 2011 Localism Act  brought in the right for local communities, through their town and parish councils, to shape their future development by preparing their own Neighbourhood Plans, and shaping how this area is developed in the next 15 years.

It is a community-led process, drawn up by consultation with all groups, organisations and people in the parish. It must reflect the wishes of our residents for future development of the whole parish; not just housing, but also other vital considerations including education, recreation, employment, communications, transport, sustainability and environmental issues for example.

There are formal consultation phases and an independent examination of our Plan to ensure that it is legally watertight and takes account of wider policy considerations (e.g. national policy). Once it has been approved it will be put to a referendum in the community; these Neighbourhood Development Plans will only take effect if there is a majority of support.

Progress so far – how are we doing?

  •  The land within the parish boundary has been identified and registered as our ‘neighbourhood’ ; our neighbourhood plan area.
  • Following several Consultations, two surveys to assess Affordable Housing needs, a new national ruling on the status of the AONB, and a concentrated period of advice from approved planning consultants, our Draft Plan has been updated many times.
  • At the latter end of 2019 and January 2020 – more assessments, and advice from our approved planning consultant to ensure that all wording and policies comply with planning law, and are in accord with the overall South Hams District Council Plan (This is contained within the The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan and was adopted by South Hams District Council on 21 March 2019.)

dsc_0013-2Latest news – download our final draft!


Finally in January 2020 the completed Draft was submitted to South Hams District Council independant examiner for acceptance. This process takes a variable amount of time, and while we are confident that after all the input from our consultants it should not need any further amendments, we have not been given a date for its acceptance.

Aveton Gifford Neighbourhood Plan to 2034 v1.28

neighbourhood-plan-poster-please-send-in-your-surveyOnce it has been approved, it will be returned for a public vote in a Referendum for all parishioners.  This will follow the same procedure as before; hard copies will be available in the pub, shop, and from the NP group, and it will be available to read online on this website.  This final plan will reflect all the views expressed by you all in our public consultations, and your contributions towards future planning for our parish, but we must ask for your final vote to endorse it before the policies within the plan can carry any legal weight in planning decisions. This Referendum must be conducted by the Electoral Commission in order to have legal validity, and is likely to take place in the Spring.

Aveton Gifford NP Regulation 15 Submission – Supporting information

Terms of Reference, AGNP Steering Group. – TERMS OF REFERENCE dtd 17.6.19

Map showing the 12 sites that were initially put forward for assessment; Sites for consideration

Aveton Gifford Site Assesment report;  Aveton Gifford NP site assessment_v0.1_140317

Housing Needs Survey – Results;  Housing Needs Survey Results

Public Consultation 1 – responses; Appendix A – Consultation 1 responses

Public Consultation 2 – responses; Appendix B – Consultation 2 responses Sites

Devon Homes Housing Needs Survey;Devon Homes Housing Survey

AGNP consultation response from SHDC for Regulation 14; 19.10.03 AGNP Reg14 SHDC comments and NP response

AGNP responses from Statutory Consultees for Regulation 14; 19.10.08 AGNP – Responses to Reg 14 Consultation

AGNP Statement of Consultation for Regulation 15; 19.04.09 AGNP Statement of Consultation v2

AGNP Evidence paper for Regulation 15; 19.10.08 AGNP choice of development sites evidence paper

AGNP Basic Conditions Statement for Regulation 15; 19.11.06 AGNP Basic Conditions Statement

AGNP Monitoring Framework for Regulation 16; 19.04.09 AGNP Monitoring Framework

Strategic Environmental Assessment for AGNP; Aveton Gifford_NP_SEA_Environmental Report_V1.0_091019 (1)

There are 3 further letters which, because of the restrictions imposed by Data Protection, are not published here, but which are available to be read by contacting Sarah Harcus or David Davis Berry directly.

Timetable for progress

First Public ConsultationFebruary 20th 2016
Housing Needs SurveyOctober 2016
2nd Public Consultation after analysis of surveyApril 2017
Publication of results from 2nd ConsultationAugust 2017
First test draft of Neighbourhood Plan presented to parishioners and planners for informal commentOctober 2017
First Draft Plan submitted to Local Planning Authority for formal consideration, adjustments,November 2017
Several drafts were produced and worked through to complete a final draft Throughout 2018 and early 2019
The proposed final Draft Plan submitted to an approved planning consultant for appraisalFebruary 2019
A second Housing Needs survey  to asses the parish need for Affordable Housing.October 2018
A second six week consultation with parishioner’s responses was required to reasses suitable development sites.May 18th – June 28th, 2019
After further work to draw up final versions of the policies, with supporting information from feedback from parishioners and statutory consultees,  our final Plan submitted to the Local Authority for scrutiny and advice. A small amount of fine tuning was required during December.November 2019
Our completed Neighbourhood Plan submitted  for  a 3 week consultation period running concurrently with the final independent examinationJanuary 2020
Referendum on final PlanEarly spring 2020
Target date to have the Plan accepted, adopted by the LPA and to publish our Plan Spring 2020

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