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Further Information

Further Information – the legal requirements

The three following submissions were required in our application to the Local Authority to set up the Plan for Aveton Gifford parish.


Designation of the Plan area

  • A map of the proposed Plan area had to be agreed.
  • An explanation of why this was appropriate; you can see the Designation here.

This area was approved by delegated authority on 18th November 2015.


Terms of Reference

    • Name of Group; Aveton Gifford Neighbourhood Plan Steering and Project Group.
    • Purpose of the Group; To prepare a Neighbourhood Plan, for the Parish of Aveton Gifford, in consultation with the parish community.


  • Objectives of the Group; To formulate the Plan by consultation with all groups, organisations and people in the parish, to reflect the wishes of the parish for future development of the area.   To secure formal adoption of the prepared plan as soon as possible.
  • Membership and Governance;

Steering Group;

David Davis-Berry (PC member) Chairman
´┐╝Sarah Harcus (PC member) Secretary
Pippa Unwin (PC member)

Project Group;

All members of the above, plus
Jenny Reynolds
Maggie Webb
Jim Fowler
Pete Wade
David Rutherford
Kate Kreke
Helena Derbyshire
Ian Derbyshire
Ian Bramble (District Councillor)

  • What arrangements are in place for bringing in replacement or additional members? Other members of the parish, or its organisations, are to be invited to join the Project Group as needed,  especially where specialist skills are needed.
  • How will declarations of interests be managed? In accordance with the standing orders of the Parish Council.
    Plus the NP group to keep its own ongoing register for members interests, updated at all meetings.
  • If voting is required, what voting arrangements are in place? The same arrangements as for the parish council; a quorum of half the group members and a casting vote to be used by the Chair in the event of a tied vote.
  • Which decisions will be referred to the parish council? The steering group will refer and report all matters from the NP group to the parish council.The NP to be a standing item on the PC agenda for the duration of the project.
  • Frequency of meetings; As deemed necessary by the group
  • Finances and expenses; As required, initially from the PC, and then reclaimed from the Locality Grant Funding.
  • Minutes; Minutes of all meetings to be kept and made available to public via the AG Parish Website, within 4 weeks of any meeting

Local Authority Acceptance

The above submissions were considered to be appropriate, and were designated for the purpose of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Aveton Gifford on 15th November 2015.

The approval can be viewed here;          delegated_report_aveton_gifford



Our parish.

  • Sunrise up the river


Further background information

Information from our relevant local councils;

In July 2013 SHDC Planning Officers gave a presentation and workshop for town and parish councillors who needed more information about Neighbourhood Plans. It does help to explain the requirements and processes, and may be of wider interest to parishioners;      neighbourhood-planning-workshop-presentation

South Hams Neighbourhood Plans web page;     http://www.southhams.gov.uk/shneighbourhoodplans   This gives more information about the Neighbourhood Plan process, and links to other related websites.

This first edition of Neighbourhood Planning News from January 2015 explains the function of local Neighbourhood Plans and “Our Plan;South Hams“, the local plan being drawn up by SHDC, and also sets out the objectives of the South Hams Council for development, planning policies and land allocation in future years;   SH Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter Issue 01 

This SHDC e-newsletter from January 2016  provides an update on progress with “Our Plan; South Hams”    issue-07_shdc-our-plan-newsletter

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan; SHDC has joined West Devon Borough Council and Plymouth City Council to draw up a joint plan. A large part of forward planning will have repercussions on neighbouring areas, and in the case of developments like Sherford new town, development will overlap into two council areas so, in order to co-ordinate future development, a Joint Plan will be produced. The first of the Joint Plan newsletters explains in more detail; https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKSWDEVON/bulletins/152f75e


There are also a great many websites giving advice and information from a large selection of authorities and organisations. We have only included a few here;

The Power of Neighbourhood Planning – My Community;      this pdf can be downloaded to give information about what can be achieved with a Neighbourhood Plan. http://mycommunity.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/The-Power-of-NP1.pdf

A quick guide to  neighbourhood planning ;  http://locality.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Quick-Guide.pdf

Campaign to Protect Rural England. Advice on Neighbourhood Planning can be found on the CPRE website “How to shape where you live.”  http://www.cpre.org.uk/resources/housing-and-planning/planning/item/2689-how-to-shape-where-you-live-a-guide-to-neighbourhood-planning