New play equipment for Icy Park play ground

The play area at Icy Park will get new equipment very soon. Rhinoplay is the company that’s been selected and they will begin the installation of a fantastic new multipurpose play area on the 16th of this month. It may mean that people living up near the access lane to the recreation area at Icy Park may see a few construction vehicles going in and out, but the work shouldn’t take too long, and the parish council hopes that it won’t be too much of a nuisance for nearby residents.

The equipment that has been chosen was selected by the Play Park Parent’s Group to appeal to a range of children from toddlers to 9 year olds, and it falls within the upgrading budget provided for this play area by SHDC. (It’s made of specially pressure treated timber which has a guarantee of 20+ years, and to put everyone’s mind at rest, this design and the company installing it have both been approved by SHDC, so there shouldn’t be any more of the problems which we experienced before with a previous wooden play installation.)

And after all the problems we’ve had with using our children’s play areas during the Covid closures and the SWW work on the green, it’ll be great to have something new here for our children to use – so many thanks to the Parents Group and SHDC!

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