Newly refurbished football pitch

Sports and Leisure have had a group of volunteers this last week to refurbish the goal posts and goal mouths which had been sadly in need of attention. The posts have been given a through rust proofing and repainting, and there are now two brand new nets in place. For a long time the goal mouths have been very unpleasant for matches in wet weather as they were so worn away and compacted that any rain collected there and didn’t drain away. Now they have been dug right out, and 3 tons of hard core was laid underneath so that this shouldn’t happen again. Soil back on top again, then a new layer of turf, and the goals are now flat again. The turf needs daily watering in the sunny weather we’re having at the moment , and will take a few more days to root and start to grow. The area is still roped off, but the goals will be usable again in a few day’s time.

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