The flood self-help group will meet again on Monday 10th February, at 6.45 in the village hall. We are still gathering information, and drawing up flood prevention plans to try and minimise any further damage here. If you can help in any way, please do come and join us – any suggestions, new ideas, and practical help in any way is very welcome!

We do need to give a big vote of thanks to Peter Smith who has done a large amount of hard work more or less single-handedly in clearing nearly all of the drains and gullies up Church Lane and on out as far as The Chantry. It has made a huge difference to clearing the water away from the road after our recent heavy rain storms – if he hadn’t, it would have poured down the road as it did before and  made a lake at the bottom of the hill giving problems to nearby houses and road users alike….. so thank you Peter!

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