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Monthly meetings

The Parish Council generally meets on the first Thursday of every month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. All villagers and parishioners are entitled to attend Parish Council meetings and are welcome to observe the whole meeting. Anyone attending can speak at the beginning of the meeting during the Open Forum section if there is something they wish to raise relating to the agenda. Members of the public wishing to address the Council during the formal meeting must make the Chairman or Clerk aware of their intention before the meeting starts.

Meeting dates are displayed on the Parish Council Home page


Agendas for each meeting will be published no later than three clear days (including Saturdays but not Sundays or Bank Holidays) before the meeting date. Agenda’s will be published on the website and on village noticeboards.

To view past agendas either use the toggle menu on the left or see the links below.


Minutes from each Parish Council meeting are published on this website. The latest minutes are also displayed no the noticeboard outside the shop. Initially the minutes published on the website and the noticeboard will be draft minutes and they are published in in this form in order to be available to parishioners prior to the monthly Parish Council meetings. At these meetings, the minutes are presented to councillors to be accepted, and unless there is a change to be made, these draft minutes are the ones that go forward to be signed as the official record for each meeting, therefore any draft minutes remaining on the website are in fact also the accepted minutes.

To view past minutes either use the toggle menu on the left or see the links below:

Viewing Past Agendas & Minutes

All agendas and minutes can be viewed by using the toggle menu on the left hand side. Simply select the year you wish to view and it will take you to a page containing the agendas and minutes for that year. Alternatively, use the buttons below to navigate to the year you wish to view.

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