Financial Information

The Department for Communities and Local Government require Parish Councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 to make available certain documents annually for the public to inspect.  While the Parish Council has a turnover slightly greater than £25,000, it is good practice to follow the same guidance and in the interests of transparency, the parish council has made financial documents available to public view. These include the AGAR submissions and accounting statements, annual audit reports.

Financial information is submitted for consideration and recorded in the Minutes of every meeting.  Monthly financial reports can be found in the ANNEX section of the minutes.

The draft Budget and Precept for the forthcoming financial year are always discussed at the January Parish Council meeting.

To view the financial documents, simply navigate to the relevant year under Financial Information using the menu on the left or use the links below:

Accounts 2024/2025
Accounts 2023/2024
Accounts 2022/2023
Accounts 2021/2022
Accounts 2020/2021
Accounts 2019/2020
Accounts 2018/2019
Accounts 2017/2018
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