Playing Field – Parson’s Green

During the next few months work is to be undertaken on the far side of the green as, over the years, shrubs, scrub and overhanging branches have encroached on the field.

There has been little in the way of trimming or cutting back since the time when the original marsh was filled in and the edge of the football pitch now reaches the undergrowth.

The clearance work is being funded by the Parish Council.

Undergrowth including elder will be cut back, some overhanging branches will be trimmed and ‘crown lifting’ performed on some of the larger trees.

There is no plan to fell any established trees, with the exception of a diseased Ash tree and one or two spindly sycamore trees whose removal will give more light and growing space to surrounding trees.

The clearing will return another 3 metres to the field and it is hoped at a future date to have a cycle track along this side of the field.

The contractors, SHDC, will shred the cuttings with a bio shredder and leave these in a pile. The community are welcome to help themselves to the compost and also to any sawn lengths of timber.

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