Please bring membership payment with you to your resuscitation course

Please could you help Maya with your payments?
She has asked that everybody please bring payment for their membership with them when they come to the resuscitation training, otherwise she won’t be able to give you your key then. She has explained that she has a full time job, and also a lot of after-school or evening commitments as well, and so she is really only able to take your payments and give you your keys on the evening of these courses, so she would be very grateful to get it all sorted out at the time.
Those of you who have paid deposit money will have it deducted from their payment.

Payment details – (it’s all on the website, pool page, membership agreement for 2019 – for further info.)
• for Pool Member family membership @ £45 
• for an individual adult membership (over 18) membership @ £25 
• £5 – for each adult in same family attending resuscitation course. 
• NB – £10 deposit on booking each place on the training course (deducted from final payment on completion of the course)

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